Phoenix Bed Bugs

At Phoenix Bed Bugs we use bug detection dogs to identify the presence of bed bugs in your residence.  The sense of smell of the bug dogs are so strong that they can identify and sniff out the presence of a single bed bug in your home.  If you are experiencing frequent bites and you are suspecting the presence of bed bugs call us and we will inspect and help you with early identification and eradication of bed bugs.  We serve to eradicate bed bug problems in phoenix surrounds.


Most of the bed bugs that find their way to your home are from hotels, motels and from the different places you travel to.  If you have lately shifted your residence, it is possible that the moving truck might have had bugs from a previous transportation and passed it on to you as well.  It is not easy to pin point about exactly from where you landed up with the bug problem.


As a preventive measure, it is best to hot wash your clothing immediately back from travel.  Movie theaters and laundries are also the next best homes to bugs.  No matter how you hired them to come in to your home, it is not a pleasant thing to have them multiply around in your premises.  You want to get rid of them as quickly as possible.  Whether you suspect you are having a small scale problem or a highly infested bug situation in the phoenix area we can provide eradication solutions for these little monsters from Phoenix Bed Bugs.  Call us for a free quote today.